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We repair and rebuild car radiators using our design skills. At Autocool Radiators we test the radiator to establish the problem and then discuss with the customer the best course of action.

Sometimes  financial and time constraints dictate whether a new radiator is the best option for the customer.  We test, repair, re-core or replace radiators for all makes and models of cars.

Oil Coolers

Oil Coolers
Oil coolers can be costly and complicated parts to find and replace. Autocool Radiators offer a bespoke oil cooler facility to enable you to find the correct oil cooler for your desired manufacturer and model.


Car Intercoolers

Leaking intercoolers and charge air coolers cause poor engine emissions, excessive fuel consumption, loss of power and potential engine damage.

Therefore replacing your intercooler can be a common task and one that needs special attention and knowledge that Autocool Radiators can provide.